Cities at Night – Mumbai

I recently visited India for the first time. The place that made the most significant impact on me during my one week there was Mumbai. It was quite a remarkable experience, although mostly for the wrong reasons. The amount of pollution, inequality, overcrowding and chaos is staggering. Yet I could not resist to take my camera into the streets on a busy Friday night and take some street photography shots during my 4-hour walk. This photo story features the shots I liked the most and hopefully it will provide a little bit of an insight into the not-so-touristy side of Mumbai. The city which more than 28 million people call home.

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai looking dazzling at night.
Street sellers are wrapping their sugar cane stall after a busy day. There are more than 6000 of them across Mumbai.
Busy junction in front of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station features some vintage vehicles.
Group of men gathering around a street food stall to chat and eat their dinner.
Mumbai's famous Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station at night.
Mumbai is full of little children playing on the streets at night.
People are hanging around Dr Dadabhai Naoroji road.
Sugar cane stalls are everywhere in Mumbai. People drink these cheap drinks to get some extra energy boost during the day.
A young man is starting a fire to cook his dinner in a hidden corner near Mohammed Ali Road.
A worker is returning home after a long day. He collected a lot of rubbish, which he will separate into usable and unusable parts and scraps.
A street vendor is washing dishes near Maharshi Karve Road before closing the stall for the day.
Heavy traffic is a daily (and nightly) occurrence in Mumbai and is choking streets all the time. These two guys prefer walking as their way of transport on the way home.
Busy and colourful vendor street near Mahatma Gandhi Road is attracting lots of locals during the night.

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