Case study: Connect & Heal

A complete healthcare provider and coordinator focused on delivering professional, personal and corporate healthcare services for any situation or circumstance based on user needs.


Singaporean-based startup Connect & Heal has nothing short of an enormous goal. It aims to focus on one of the biggest world markets at the moment (India) and revolutionize how people book, interact and use healthcare nationwide. They are already one of the 5 biggest healthcare providers in India and with a strong team now fully re-located to Mumbai, their company is only growing stronger with more and more experts and healthcare specialists joining them. They divide their services into personal & corporate sections as well as specialized categories such as lifestyle & nutrition, mental wellbeing, woman & child care and more. Using modern technologies they aim to provide a platform for the public to be able to book the best doctor or specialist nearest to them. The app allows making an appointment in the clinic or hospital achievable in seconds.


I was recommended to the company’s founder to be the lead UX and UI designer for their mobile & web platforms. The aim was to provide an engaging user experience with a modern, clean and user-friendly interface solution. Creation of a unified, visually appealing branding strategy was also part of the challenge as it needed to be implemented across all platforms, marketing & social channels and materials.

User Experience

Armed with a thorough data summary and results from the research phase I drew detailed sketches for app screens and web pages. The sketching stage was the first part to be finished and I had to make sure that the final product will be perfectly usable, with special concern going to older users above age 60 who are not as tech-savvy as the younger crowd. Exhaustive sketching made the wireframing part much easier.


After finishing detailed wireframes, I could put all the energy into designing an appealing visual concept and style used for both mobile and web platforms. Together with the team we polished the design solution, until they felt it would have the biggest impact possible on the Indian market. Design for the mobile app came first and then I focused fully on the website design. Initial presentations for the product went smoothly and the final prototypes further boosted investors confidence in the startup.

Project Highlights

Working with professionals from the Connect & Heal organization has given me priceless career experience. The combination of a remote working relationship with the development team in Mumbai with meetings attended by startup’s founders and management team were professionally enriching. The whole project will be fully launched in 2018 with potential to reach as much as 100 million people over the coming year.


Total number of meetings hosted with the Connect & Heal management team during the project.


Number of doctors and specialists currently operating under the Connect & Heal platform.


Over 93 million people live in metropolitan areas where Connect & Heal have currently launched their services.

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