Callisto is an International fashion brand operating in 46 countries worldwide. They offer fashion collections for men, women & children from world-famous designers and up-and-coming artists.

A complete healthcare provider and coordinator focused on delivering professional, personal and corporate medical services for any situation or circumstance based on customer needs.

Athena is a cross-platform app that allows people to manage their finances, create budgets and saving plans and also offers integration with bank accounts, credit cards or online payment services.

One of the most beautiful sights in our world – a night sky full of stars, galaxies, nebulas, meteor showers or other astronomical objects is becoming harder and harder to see due to increasing light pollution.

Throughout last couple of years I have been travelling quite a bit through many wonderful countries experiencing some incredible moments. In this post I want to share the most mesmerizing destinations featuring nature & wildlife I have had the chance to visit, observe and photograph.

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I have been experimenting with night street photography and its’ post-production in Lightroom lately. So I took the camera into the streets of Kuala Lumpur and had an evening walk from Chinatown to Bukit Bintang. These are the first results,

In April 2017 I had a chance to travel to Borneo for the first time. This vast tropical island has changed immensely over the last few decades and not in all aspects for the better. It still provides a lot of opportunities for nature & wildlife (eco)tourism. I was lucky